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TV Moderater
Nya Moderaterna - Eps. 1,2

( Scene excerpt )

Director: Staffan Julén

Producer: Johan Seth
Exc. Producer: Ingmar Persson
Prod. Co: Overcoat Film for SVT

Genre: TV Documentary



Eps. 1, 2         ( 2 x  60 min ) 


Political documentary film about the the right wing party "Moderaterna" and how they became the new labour party in Sweden. Mixed with archive footage and interviews we get a profound insight in what really happened those 10 years they were in power.


TV pantrar
Förortens Pantrar

Director: Leo Palmstål, Aders Rundberg

Producers: Linda Sternö

Exc.Producer: Lars Säfström
Prod. Co: Piraya Film

Genre: Documentary Television


(58 min)


Edited the television version of the feature film "Jag är fan en Panter".
Biskopsgården is a socio economically exposed suburb of Göteborg, Sweden. The last couple of years Sweden has suffered from reductions in the welfare system, causing increasing poverty and social vulnerability. As a result, criminal gangs grow stronger and shootings resulting in deaths have become almost everyday occurrences in many suburbs. A group of young people from the area refuse to stand by and watch while the world around them collapses. They organize themselves and seek social change in order to make a difference in young people's lives.


TV psyke
Mitt psyke och jag

Producer: Bo Sjökvist

Exc.Producer: Sigrid Bergerud
Company: SVT

Genre: Television documentary web series


(6 x 30min)


Swedish Television documentary web series about people with different psychological conditions how they live and struggle in their everyday lives.

They have filmed themselves entirely with mobilephones for six months, through their ups and downs.

The series gives an honest and personal view about a subject that concerns many, but few dare to talk about it.



TV öl
Den stor älresan - Eps. 1,2,3

( Scene excerpt )

Producer: Kenny Adersjö

Exc.Producer: Marcos Hellberg
Presenter: Jonas Magnusson
Company: SVT

Genre: Broadcast Television documentary series


(3 x 60min)


Swedish Television documentary series about beer culture in Europe. Starting in Sweden we travel to countrys such as Chezk Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and the UK. The program focuses on the brewing industry in those countrys.

TV Rabbi
The New Rabbi - In post-production

Director: Irene Lopez

Producers: Stefan Heriksson

Prod. Co: Chamdin och Stöhr filmproduction

Genre: Documentary Television


(58 min)

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