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Winter Buoy

Director:  Frida Kempff

Producer:  David Herdies
Prod. Co:  Momento Films

Genre:  Documentary


(86 min)


In a frozen mid-winter Toronto, a group of nurses are fighting to give vulnerable homeless pregnant women the possibility of a new life with their newborns. Winter Buoy is a poetic and rough exploration of hope and trust, and about the individuals behind the faces many of us chooses not to see.


Nominated for Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary at ”Gothenburg International Film Festival” 2015,
Nominated for Tempo Documentary Award at ”Tempo Documentary Festival” 2015

Nya Moderaterna

Director:  Staffan Julén

Producer:  Johan Seth
Exc. Producer: Ingmar Persson
Prod. Co:  Overcoat Film / SVT

Genre:  TV Documentary


Eps. 1, 2         ( 2 x 60 min ) 


Documentary film about how the right wing party in Sweden "Moderaterna" became the new labour party in Sweden. Mixed with archive footage and interviews we get a profound insight in what really happened those 10 years they were in power.

Mitt psyke och jag

Director:  Marcus Carlsson

Producers:  Lovisa Charlier, Hans Danneborn
Prod. Co: MariedamFilm AB

Genre:  Drama


Your childhood shall never die is about a group of people and their complicated relationships to one another. Vera is trying to figure out how to relate to her sons irresponsible father, while her sister is about to release a book about their shared childhood. Not far from Vera, a professional clown is hesitantly trying to get on with his life and form a new relationship, but his ex is refusing to let go of him. In close shots, full of emotions, the characters expose the best as well as the worst in them, and the film provides no simple answers to its questions.
Winner ”Kulturnyheternas Bagge” Award for best newcomer, 2014

Förortens Pantrar

Directors:  Leo Palmstål, Anders Rundberg

Producer:  Linda Sternö
Exc. Producer: Lars Säfström

Genre:  TV Documentary


(58 min)


Inspired by The Black Panther Party from USA, these youngster from the suburbs of Gothenburg starts up an organization called The Panthers For The Restoration Of The Suburbs.

The film follows them on theri fight to seek social change in order to make a difference in young people's lives. They demand participation in the decision making by politicians and officials to create a shift in power which means more power to the people. 


Den stora ölresan

Producer:  Kenny Adersjö

Exc. Prod:  Marcos Hellberg
Prod. Co:  SVT

Genre:  TV Documentary


Eps. 1, 2, 3        ( 3 X 60 min )


Swedish Television documentary series about beer culture in Europe. Focusing on the brewing industry.
Presented by Jonas "Steken" Magnusson.

“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”

– Andrei Tarkovsky


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