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Nightfall anchor
Anochece en la India

(Official trailer)

Director: Chema Rodriguez

Producers: Alvaro Alonso, Juan Libssoart
Prod. Co: Jaléo Films, Atmo
Editor: José M G Moyano

Genre: Drama




I was additional editor in this film.

This is a story about Ricardo and Dana. Ricardo has been in a wheelchair for the last ten years, suffering from a degenerative disease now in its final stage. He wants to die on the banks of the Ganges River in India and meet Gadhali again. In this journey, he is accompanied by housekeeper Dana. Life owes something to these two lonely beings. The journey will become the alibi for paying it off.

Nightfalls in India is a shining road-movie full of life that uses journey as an excuse to tell a story about love and the passing of time, about the importance of the present and the need to recover lost time; a story in which the journey itself is as important as the arrival.




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