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Drama Barndom
Din barndom ska aldrig dö

( Scene excerpt )

Director: Marcus Carlsson

Producers: Lovisa Charlier, Hans Danneborn
Prod. Co: Mariedamfilm AB

Genre: Drama




Your childhood shall never die is about a group of people and their complicated relationships to one another. Vera is trying to figure out how to relate to her sons irresponsible father, while her sister is about to release a book about their shared childhood. Not far from Vera, a professional clown is hesitantly trying to get on with his life and form a new relationship, but his ex is refusing to let go of him.
In close shots, full of emotions, the characters expose the best as well as the worst in them, and the film provides no simple answers to its questions.


Winner ”Kulturnyheternas Bagge” Award for best newcomer, 2014


Drama Nightfall
Anochece en la India

(Official trailer)

Director: Chema Rodriguez

Producers: Alvaro Alonso, Juan Libssoart
Prod. Co: Jaléo Films, Atmo
Editor: José M G Moyano

Genre: Drama




I was additional editor in this film.

This is a story about Ricardo and Dana. Ricardo has been in a wheelchair for the last ten years, suffering from a degenerative disease now in its final stage. He wants to die on the banks of the Ganges River in India and meet Gadhali again. In this journey, he is accompanied by housekeeper Dana. Life owes something to these two lonely beings. The journey will become the alibi for paying it off.

Nightfalls in India is a shining road-movie full of life that uses journey as an excuse to tell a story about love and the passing of time, about the importance of the present and the need to recover lost time; a story in which the journey itself is as important as the arrival.


Drama Fish

( Scene excerpt )

Director: Åsa Johannisson

Producers: Annika Hellström, Lis Svensson
Prod. Co: Cinenic film

Genre: Drama




A short film without dialogue combining fiction with new circus.

Gerd is a young woman whos only friend is a goldfish. When her friend dies she is left feeling lonely.

One day after having a bad dream she decides to go out to buy a new fish. What she doesn't know is that she has locked herself out of her own apartment.

Fish is a tribute to anyone who felt they never really fit in.


WINNER Canal+ Award at Nordic Panorama, 2009

Official Selction at Palm Springs Film Festival, 2010


Drama sexual
The sexual Monologues

( Scene excerpt )

Director: C.M Torquato

Producers: Anita Oxburgh
Prod. Co: Migma Films

Genre: Drama




A chain of people connected by desire. They are all looking for the one, talking about sex and chasing love. They know what they want, but will they ever get it?



Drama Tennis
Tennis är livet

( Scene excerpt )

Director: Joel Windhal

Producers: David Färdmar
Prod. Co: Rolandshörna

Genre: Drama




It’s a story about three characters, one who is dying, one who is longing for his lost daughter and one who drinks. These three people have one thing in common, tennis. Perhaps tennis will be their way out of their loneliness? 


Drama Oxford
Oxford Circus

( Scene excerpt )

Director: Esteban Guitton

Producers: David Balfour
Prod. Co: NFTS

Genre: Liva action Animation




Live action short film about a little girls extraordinary train journey. Ignored by her mother, she lets her vivid imagination run wild.



WINNER Best Visual Effects at Animex International Film Festival, 2007


WINNER Best Short film at Tehran Film Festival, 2006


Drama different

Director: Nicola Mills

Producers: Nicola Mills
Prod. Co: NFTS

Genre:  Drama




Short visual visual story of a young mans feeling of isolation in this world.



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