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doc winter

(Official trailer)

Winter Buoy



Director:  Frida Kempff

Producer:  David Herdies
Prod. Co:  Momento Films

Genre:  Documentary


(86 min)


In a frozen mid-winter Toronto, a group of nurses are fighting to give vulnerable homeless pregnant women the possibility of a new life with their newborns. Winter Buoy is a poetic and rough exploration of hope and trust, and about the individuals behind the faces many of us chooses not to see.



WINNER Best Doc at Nordic International Film Festival NY, 2015

Nominated Best Nordic Documentary at Gothenburg International Film Festival, 2015

Nominated First Film International at Cinéma de Réel, 2015

Nominated Tempo Documenary Award at Tempo Documentary Film Festival, 2015

doc seat



Director:  Karolina Brobäck

Producer: Kristina Åberg
Prod. Co: Atmo Films AB

Genre: Animation / Documentary


(14 min)


Seat 26D explores the inexpressible. With scale models built of paper, digital animation and live action, it reconstructs a passenger’s memory of a plane crash.


Early morning, December 27th 1991. Flight 751 is taking off from Stockholm-Arlanda. 13-year old Sandro is looking forward to spending his Christmas holiday in Japan. At 1,000 meters altitude violent explosions are heard from both sides of the plane. The engines go quiet and they are silently gliding through the air. The pilots are forced to make an emergency landing and the plane crashes on a snow-capped field near the small village of Gottröra. The flight lasted 4 minutes, but the memory lasts a lifetime. Sandro narrates the story about the day he was about to die.



Nominee for New Nordic Voices at Nordic Panoram, 2014

Nominee for Startsladden Award at Gothenburg Film Festival, 2014

Nominee for NewDoc Award at Tempo Filmfestival, 2014


doc pinocchio

( Scene excerpt )

Pinocchio utan näsa - (Pinocchio without a nose)



Director: Irene Lopez

Producers: Irene Lopez
Prod. Co: STDH

Genre: Documentary


(28 min)



Pinocchio without a nose is a film about growing up, falling in love and the longing to be a real boy.


16 year old girl Cim wants to be a boy, but have difficulties in being just that. Her search for identity has often lead to destructive behaviours. When she looks at herself in the mirror she sees a boy, but somewhere deep inside she still knows she is a girl. 



WINNER NewDoc Award at Tempo Documentary Festival, 2012


WINNER Best student film at Nordisk Panorama, 2012


doc moderater

( Scene excerpt )

Nya Moderater - Eps.1, 2



Director: Staffan Julén

Producer: Johan Seth
Exc. Producer: Ingmar Persson
Prod. Co: Overcoat Film for SVT

Genre: TV Documentary



Eps. 1, 2         ( 2 x  60 min ) 


Documentary film about how the right wing party in Sweden "Moderaterna" became the new labour party in Sweden. Mixed with archive footage and interviews we get a profound insight in what really happened those 10 years they were in power.


Doc pantrar
Förortens Pantrar



Director: Leo Palmstål, Aders Rundberg

Producers: Linda Sternö

Exc.Producer: Lars Säfström
Prod. Co: Piraya Film

Genre: Documentary Television


(58 min)


Edited the television version of the feature film "Jag är fan en Panter".
Biskopsgården is a socio economically exposed suburb of Göteborg, Sweden. The last couple of years Sweden has suffered from reductions in the welfare system, causing increasing poverty and social vulnerability. As a result, criminal gangs grow stronger and shootings resulting in deaths have become almost everyday occurrences in many suburbs. A group of young people from the area refuse to stand by and watch while the world around them collapses. They organize themselves and seek social change in order to make a difference in young people's lives.




Doc psyke
Mitt psyke och jag



Producer: Bo Sjökvist

Exc.Producer: Sigrid Bergerud
Company: SVT

Genre: Television documentary web series


(6 x 30min)


Swedish Television documentary web series about people with different psychological conditions how they live and struggle in their everyday lives.

They have filmed themselves entirely with mobilephones for six months, through their ups and downs.

The series gives an honest and personal view about a subject that concerns many, but few dare to talk about it.



Doc Rabbi
The New Rabbi - In post-production



Director: Irene Lopez

Producers: Stefan Heriksson

Prod. Co: Chamdin och Stöhr filmproduction

Genre: Documentary Television


(58 min)

Doc öl

( Scene excerpt )

Den stora ölresan - Eps1,2,3



Producer: Kenny Adersjö

Exc.Producer: Marcos Hellberg
Presenter: Jonas Magnusson
Company: SVT

Genre: Broadcast Television documentary series


(3 x 60min)


Swedish Television documentary series about beer culture in Europe. Starting in Sweden we travel to countrys such as Chezk Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and the UK. The program focuses on the brewing industry in those countrys.




Doc voted

( Scene excerpt )

I voted today



Director: Ali Alvarez

Producer: Ali Alvarez
Prod. Co: Fallon Films

Genre: Documentary




I voted today takes place in Cleveland, Ohio on U.S election day. It’s the story of one man who volunteered to drive a voter Taxi and help get people to the polls.


WINNER Best documentary short film at Portobelle Film Festival, 2009



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