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Din barndom
Din barndom ska aldrig dö

( Scene excerpt )

Director: Marcus Carlsson

Producers: Lovisa Charlier, Hans Danneborn
Prod. Co: Mariedamfilm AB

Genre: Drama




Your childhood shall never die is about a group of people and their complicated relationships to one another. Vera is trying to figure out how to relate to her sons irresponsible father, while her sister is about to release a book about their shared childhood. Not far from Vera, a professional clown is hesitantly trying to get on with his life and form a new relationship, but his ex is refusing to let go of him.
In close shots, full of emotions, the characters expose the best as well as the worst in them, and the film provides no simple answers to its questions.


Winner ”Kulturnyheternas Bagge” Award for best newcomer, 2014


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